Photo credits © Odile Decq, © SCI-Arc Gallery


By altering our magnetic anisotropic properties, this project challenges our mental perceptions and questions the way we move through space. It creates a series of spaces, each unique in spatial experience, though physically similar. Each space created is dis-functional, in order to alter and obscure the perception we construct of space and place.

“The sense of space is the basis of all social experience and of perceptual experience in general. Normally, the perception of space is forged through the analysis of sensory information gathered from our surroundings. Our position, orientation, proximity and other such relationships between us and the objects and people surrounding us. Images of a gravity-bound or man-made environment are particularly anisotropic in the orientation domain, with image structures located at orientations parallel with or orthogonal to the direction of gravity.”

– Odile Decq


Metallic structure, plaster plaques, paint, Mylar adhesive film
9,2 x 4 x 2,5 m

Los Angeles, USA
SCI-Arc Gallery