Zorlu High Park

Photo credits © Odile Decq


A place where Orient and Occident are mixing their respective qualities in creating a tremendous fasci- nating city. A place where, at birth time of the Turkish Republic in the XXth century, the traditional urban tissue inherited from the history of three cities has been structured by the French architect, Henri Prost, creating avenues and boulevards and offering parks to the city. A place where the increasing population and economy growth constantly creates new means of rethinking the Istanbul people’s way of living: from history to contemporary, from tradition mix to European integration.


a fabulous historic place that makes everyone through the wider world feeling attached to it on the way to be exemplar of offering and enjoying a new contemporary high life style.


  • a challenge to invent and accomplish a XXIst century place in the environmental urban revolution of an energetic and hyper-dynamic historical city condition,
  • a challenge of overlooking the fantastic Bos- phorus versus being seen from many highlights places along the Bosphorus.
  • a challenge to conciliate public interest and private initiative for the bene t of local human being as well as the whole city.With the fabulous opportunity of having been desig- nated as « 2010 Cultural Capital of Europe » Istanbul and the country will contribute to bringing the people of Europe together to focus of new urban strategies and people conditions as well as presenting historical and cultural gems.
Istanbul, Turkey
International Competition