Photo credits © Roland Halbe


The new building for the FRAC is the first of new contemporary art museums to be built in France.

It combines the main functions of conservation, exhibition as well as diffusion of knowledge about art throughout a library, a conference room and educational services. The main façade offers a silent setting in respect to Nemours art work installed in front of the FRAC, but, inside, the building reveals itself in an unexpected complexity, catching the visitor by the strong, full, and sensual expression of the vertical void running over the entire building’s height.

From this void, the museum’s main functions are clearly readable, dispatching and articulating the different spaces in three dimensions along a progressive promenade of discovery and changing perception, from the basement to the library on top. This museum, though modest in size, is challenging as a local landmark for contemporary art and combining all the functions needed in a densely articulated ensemble realized within the frame of a tight budget.

Rennes, France