Studio Odile Decq is an international firm of about fifteen people represented by Odile Decq, established since the beginning of the 80s. The architecture of Studio Odile Decq, recognized and published around the world, has received numerous national and international awards. Despite its fame, the Studio integrates intimately technique and innovation, while keeping a human scale, close to the projects, where dialogue is crucial.



In a society where all productions tends to insidiously become uniform, ignoring any cultural particularism, historical or social, the philosophy of Studio Odile Decq has always been to be specific and particular. By questioning the command, the use, the matter, the body, the technique, the taste, the invented architecture offers a paradoxical look, at the same time tender and severe on our world. In a creative and positive work process, the obstacles are always transformed into advantages while developing a specific image for each project with the most advanced contemporary technologies.

On the occasion of the realization of numerous architectural projects, the Studio has also often developed the interior fittings and the furniture, in a continuity of thought and in relation with needs each time different and specific. In the same continuity, the Studio is also committed to developing innovative products for the benefit of architectural projects, interfacing with industrialists, in fields as diverse as lighting, acoustics, glazing and facade, responding each time to special technical requirements.



The organisation of the Studio, Odile Decq herself takes on the role of project manager. A core of architects trained at the Studio are in charge of the development of the various projects, under the direction of Odile Decq. This core is complemented by a team of young international architects.



The conceptual process is centered around experimentation closely followed by Odile Decq herself. In an organizational form close to the “workshop”, the external partners, engineers, consultants, economist, participate actively and regularly in the progress of the project. Thus the design includes from the start all the parameters to succeed, in an initially iterative approach, to achieve perfectly integrated projects.