Ice Skating Rink

Photo credits © Odile Decq


When a drop of water meets the earth, it spreads out and its drop shape takes on the shape of a teardrop.


It is this drop of water that has become a tear that gave its shape to the temporary ice rink on the quays in Bordeaux.


Traditionally temporary winter rinks are a simple ice surface. Here, the request was to create, in addition to the surface, a ring for Karting races on ice. This is why the surface has been deformed and ovalized to then settle on the elongated land of the quays. The ring generated the off-center island within the ice rink. The ice is accessed from the island. Also, the crossing of the ice ring has become a ramp then a footbridge which soars up to the roof of the skate rental bungalows which becomes a high observatory overlooking the ice, the quays and the Gironde River.

Bordeaux, France