Nanjing Jiangning District Library & Cultural Center

Photo credits © Odile Decq


The Qinhuai River connects the Conficius Temple and the cultural complex, bringing it to the new cultural symbol of the city. The city’s new cultural symbol links the ancient China to the modern China, and helps everyone to have access to culture.

The energy of the city vibrates from the outside to the inside of the Library, and is transmitted from the inside to the outside of the Cultural Center. The dynamic is everywhere and connected strongly to the neighbourhood.

A visual connection in terms of aesthetics and landscape design. Research on coherence, continuity and harmony with the environment and landscape.

A central core, the heart of Jiangning, in the center of Nanjing.

A functional opening calling out to the exterior space, making it more active and multifunctional, refreshing the neighbourhood life of Jiangning District, a resonance in the entire city of Nanjing.

Nanjing, China
International Competition