Photo credits © Odile Decq


Located in the city Centre the three articulated components of the Museum of Fine Arts, the former Police station building, the Yoai road and the new building on the park need to challenge between history, heritage, contemporary and future visions of the arts as well as to be and become lively and popular places where everyone can discover and experiment what is the heritage, traditional and contemporary, of the place, of the city and of the Arts.

With the complexity given by the introduction of a contemporary building in a mixed used and historical cityscape, the project is an opportunity to transgress the usual univalent attitude of a simple integration into historical context. Inserted into the complexity of an ancient urban tissue and confronted on its sides to an historical patrimony, our project is resonating to the existing static condition of the site with dynamism, openness, displacement and evidence.

Tainan, Taiwan
International Competition