Photo credits © Odile Decq


A harbour passenger service center is a place of passage, meeting, and crossing of paths for all types of people; travellers, their families, tourists and more.
It is a place for both business travellers and tourists – either on their way to their next destination or welcomed upon arrival.
People connect, intersect, melt, wait, and go. As a transfer hub, it is a sort of machine organized by a strict and rigorous processes to irrigate people.
It is a place of direct connectivity, both individual and collective, with existential dimensions connecting UX with life trajectories.
In such a place, it is important to show particular care in designing the quality of the spaces in terms of greeting, meeting spaces, and amenities for those passing through, leaving, coming back, or staying.
Our project is inscribed in the view of crossing paths as well as of anchoring to the territory of the Kinmen Island.

Kinmen, Taiwan
International Competition