Photo credits © Roland Halbe


An office space designed like a landscape, an idea of nature at the scale of a pedestrian: these are the best ways to define TWIST. Its entirely transparent and slightly set back facade allows the pedestrian to see the vertical winter gardens of the building, as well as the movements and the connections of a company at work.

At a more distant scale, the TWIST stands out from the others structures by its 3 different volumes: 2 parallelepipeds and the head, with all 3 of its facades fully visible from a long distance. At the top of the head, stands another square volume that is slightly twisted on itself, and by doing so twists the vertical volume underneath.

The TWIST reinterprets the dual and seemingly contradictory idea of the necessity for urban implantation and an immaterial breakaway. Its specific shape tends to reveal the translation from the horizontal to the vertical, from the outside to the inside. It creates a life and work environment that contributes to a dynamic company culture, insuring fluid internal connections and providing a true qualitative welcoming space at all the levels.

Paris, Clichy-Batignolles, France