Photo credits © Odile Decq


The travel to horizon is an adventure and a negotiation.
Horizon can never be reached .
The horizon is never unique but built up from multiple points of view.

The horizon line is a constant temptation and gives the desire of the beyond.
The absence of limits blurs the perception and creates ambiguity, fusion and illusion.

The consciousness of the elsewhere and the perception of the space beyond gives mutual attractive- ness on both sides of the horizon.
Crossing the horizon is the way through the looking glass but, in contrary to Alice’s world, the other side is not the inverse, it’s only beyond.

That’s how architecture is.


Black mirror & silvered mirror
1 x 3 m ; 4,1 x 0,2 m ; 2,9 x 0,8 m

Paris, France
Galerie Polaris