University Luigi Bocconi Campus

Photo credits © Odile Decq


The roman origin of the word Campus is a field. In Universities around the world the Campus is designating the territory on which all the buildings of a Campus are organized.

The development of the Bocconi University is more and more an inter-relational diversified organization, which suggests us the word Cluster that designates the collaborative organisational system of elements.
In that way the unifying 2D surface of the Campus field is becoming a 3D organism of a Cluster.

Our project is reflecting that transformation and the park is the place of the translation from horizontal to vertical, from the 2D connection to the 3D organisation, from a Campus to a Cluster.

The landscape and mineral continuity through the inner part is accentuating this evolution and affirming the specific and singular organization of the Bocconi territory.

In architecture the section is revealing the invisible. It is a specific point of view and in this project the section is shown through the translation from horizontal to vertical, from outside to inside and then to outside again, from the foyer to the school, from the recreational center to the park and to the dorms. Every component is clearly identified as distinct and both articulated to others through the Park.

Milano, Italy
International Competition