100 Flames For Reading

Photo credits © Odile Decq


Installation in Castello Sforzesco – Corte Ducale during FuoriSalone 2007

The basin is filled with water. Under the water, a black plastic surface gives more deepness to the water. Inside the basin 100 red standing candles are spread. Made of steel, aluminium or glass tubes filled with oil and a long cotton wick inside burning on the top. (they could be done like described above or lit with a huge lamp on the top).

They are from 150cm to 350cm of height and 15cm of diameter. They are on the whole basin and some are concentrated on a place where they become support for sheets of steel. The combination of the steel sheets organizes the cross of the basin and creates places to sit, to rest, etc…

The steel sheets are painted in red. Every sheet is dedicated to one of the 20 Mondadori titles (magazines, print and publishing house ) their logo are printed on each one of them.


Luceplan lamps, tubes & lacquered steel plaques, resin.
620 m2

Milan, Italy
Luceplan, FuoriSalone