Wrocław Museum of Contemporary Art

Photo credits © Odile Decq


The path develops between two territories, between two surfaces, the foyer below the street and the roof, a belvedere overlooking the city, in dialogue with the emergence of the surrounding historical buildings.

The hearth is the heart of the building. It unfolds in continuity towards the city by the slope in slight downgrade in front of the main facade as well as by the garden, which, to the South, creates a breath, an opening towards the museum of neighbouring architecture. The hearth then offers a multiplicity of routes connected to those in the neighbourhood that participate in the networking of the various cultural facilities that characterise it.

As soon as you reach the forecourt, the visitor is gently drawn to the entrance ramp and inside, the set of ramps already perceived from the outside through the facade. The entrance is a vertical dive that is offered to the visitor along the entire height of the museum, by the deployment of the set of ramps inviting the visitor to begin his walk in space, his discovery on the roof.

In the foyer are the information points and the ticket counter as well as the public restrooms. A second en- trance, winding through a sloping garden, is located on the Swietego Jana Kapistrana Street. There, the shop and the café, on the same level as the street, at the corner of the square and the street, overhang the foyer offering a terrace towards the forecourt and a second interior terrace arranged in the game of slopes of the garden.

Wrocław, Poland
International Competition