Photo credits © Odile Decq


The House of Hungarian Music is a challenge between the history and the contemporary, between the tradition and the modernity and among that it has to be a lively and popular place where everyone can learn and listen, discover and experiment.

Music has always taken place in the life and heart of Hungarian people with a huge tradition of folk music as well as world-renowned classical and modern musicians. Music is constantly evolving by being interpreted and by fast changes of generations, so, our project needs to envision the future and to embrace the movement in a positive direction. Even if the envelope of the building is stable, exhibition spaces have to be flexible and provide suitable conditions for friendly welcoming and the expectations of the visitors of tomorrow of all ages.

To create and to build a dynamic equilibrium, in music as in architecture we need to end the breaking point, to keep tension, to transgress the limits. It is also a quest for instability and movement as music permanently is at stake, explores new ways, con- tests and does the spadework on. By the split in two volumes – the one on the ground which is largely open to the outside by transparent glass facades, and the other, the upper volume, wrapped in a translucent, transparent and opaque skin that plays with the refections of the trees and of the sky – the building feels like an extension of the park, and the park as being continuous into the building.

Budapest, Hungary
International Competition