Le Plongeon du Funambule

Photo credits © Odile Decq


FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais Collection Metallic structure, rubber, glass & Luministy film The quest for freedom, if it exists, leads to a battle, a fight against oneself. 

We must extinguish the terror, hear the call of the void. 
The violence softens once the step is taken. Loneliness, so heavy, quickly becomes electrified, sharpens the conscience and inflames the flesh. 
The danger becomes seductive, the psychotropic adrenaline. Suspended between heaven and hell, the body rejoices.
The incarnate hope scratches the sad past certainties. 
The soul refusing the slavery of fear drips with the delights of tamed vertigo. 
The horizon is getting closer.
The dive of the tightrope walker sings this adventure. 
By proposing a sequencing of the void, the installation stages the fascination exerted by the distance. 
The appropriation of the classic rules of perspective, altered by the technology of the material, dramatizes the gaze and infuses it with an obvious force. 
In Paris, the backdrop wears away just where the night falls back on the city.
The fascinating straightness of the vanishing line is not animated by tiny inflections, but torn, broken by irregular fringes, hatched by the chaotic outline of the city. 
Taking the sky as a palimpsest, two translucent glass walls erase, concentrate, cleaning the horizon of too much chatter. 
The oblique floor completes the theatricality. Two lines, where the azure begins, where the ground ends, retain the void. Like a hammock, it hangs down. 
The cliff petrifies but the horizon captivates. Which of the two will win, which of the two will capture the tightrope walker? 
Barely seen the drama seems to spread all its substance, obscene in its banality, fatal. But that’s reckoning without the subtle cogs of the script.
At the first steps when the spring of fear gives way, the secret mechanism of another adventure is triggered.
The story changes course. 
With each step, the fog locking the diving board disappears. 
–Lionel Lemire
Paris, France