Zénith St-Etienne

Photo credits © Odile Decq


With its raised setting in the foyer, the entrance to the Zénith itself is situated at the centre of the building.

The setting continues with a series of ramps and walkways which enliven the space and provide access to all levels of the hall for all types of visitors.

The descent into the foyer gives a full impression of the space, which extends right to the perimeter of the hall, beneath and beyond the tiered seating, and encompasses the full height of the building.

The three levels which are accessible from the foyer, namely, the ground floor, the entrance level and the balcony, a projecting space on the façade situated at the intermediate level of the seating tiers, all combine to generate a lively atmosphere during the entrance of spectators and at the interval, and allow the rapid dispersal of audience members to the exit at the end of the show.



Saint-Etienne, France
Competition Project