Photo credits © Jinri & Zhu Jie, © Roland Halbe


The Tangshan Museum is inscribed in a general scheme for the development of the important archaeological site known for the discovery in 1993 of a man and female skull of Homo Erectus Nankinensis. The shape of the museum finds its origin in the topographical curved lines of the site, reinterpreted in volume. Between site and museum, none is dominant.

The play of curved lines and the interaction between site and museum create the sequential “promenade” of discovery. The museum though is clearly perceptible through the glass facades in-between the different layers of curved lines and protected by a huge stone-layered screen.

The museum visit on the ground floor is punctuated with mineral and colourful shaped volumes such as a main theatre (250 seats), a 4D cinema (200 seats) as well as restaurant, café and gift shops.

Nanjing, China