Photo credits © Odile Decq


Awaiting its future, the RN2 land reserve has become a green zone, in a sort of continuity with the Parc du Sausset. It is this territory ‘in between’ which becomes the challenge of future urbanization intended to forge links between the districts. The future transformation of the roundabout into a traffic light intersection will ultimately ensure the development of a square at the entrance to the city with, as a highlight, the multipurpose hall of which the forecourt will be an extension. 

Our project has deliberately chosen to stick to the side limits of the site, to extend the forecourt to the roundabout, the future crossroads, to connect the forecourt and the terrace by running tangentially along the boulevard Marc Chagall. Also, the choice to treat all the car park under the built right-of-way frees all the land which, only crossed by the access road, is then entirely treated as a wooded park whose staggering of levels accompanies the access to the building.
Aulnay Sous Bois, France